Hi. My name is Leo Wurmbrand

2016 Web-1
2016 Web-2
2017 Jonathan Bobaljik
2018 Design 18/1
2018 Mobile Design
2018 Main Homepage (old)
2018 where you are now

This is the very first website I created without the help of other apps. It is not good. Don't expect it to look good or to work well. archive.lbw-lbw.com/web-2

This is the second website I made. I honestly think it is pretty good (by my standards back then). archive.lbw-lbw.com/web-3

I created this website for my dad, Jonathan Bobaljik. He is currently a professor at Harvard, and he has the nicest and best working website in his department. bobaljik.com

I used this website as my main homepage for a few weeks, but whenever I added a new section I thought it needed a new background image, which basically ruined it. It doesn't look good once you scroll down and it doesn't work that well on different screen sizes. a.lbw-lbw.com/design1

I created this website to challenge myself on mobile devices. It was created for the iPhone X, and it was not tested on any other phone. After making it, I realized it actually looked quite good on my computers. a.lbw-lbw.com/design2

I am really proud of this website. It is simple and works well on different screen sizes. I used this for months as my personal homepage. I love the color scheme and the background. There are things I would change (*cough* portfolio card design *cough*) but I am really happy with how it turned out. archive.lbw-lbw.com/index2018

This, I am most proud of. The simplicity, the color scheme and the general design - all beautiful. I originally design this as a concept for Apple's website, but that turned into a blog. After making the blog I realized I would never post anything, so I rewrote the code, keeping key parts, and it became this. lbw-lbw.com

The timeline was created and belongs to Clay Larson. Click to see his codepen